The Future of Water in African Cities: Why Waste Water?

World Bank
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'Water is a source of development and growth for cities in Africa', claims the World Bank.

The Bank sees a need for new approaches to fix an old problem: the gap between supply and demand. As the world becomes more integrated and complex, and the future more uncertain, a holistic view and flexibility needs to be the solution for African urban water systems. This can be reached through 'Integrated Urban Water Management' according to the Bank. Practically,  it includes spatial integration, better coordination among institutions and across sectors, diversification of sources, and consideration of nontraditional sources of water such as wastewater reuse. How this can be implemented is a second step. The economic and institutional implications are not yet well-known. A recommended read is the piece on ' Secondary Cities are Equally at Risk but Even Less Equipped to Manage Complexity' (page 34-36). ​