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Background of VIA Water projects
VIA Water supports innovations that have just emerged from the research phase and need support to make ideas come to fruition, for example by starting a pilot. It concerns risky innovations, of which it is not yet clear whether they will lead to scaling up in the end. Innovations have not previously been tested in the target country and require adjustment and testing. VIA Water supports small enterprises and NGO's to fund this testing stage, aiming to avoid the ‘valley of death’.

Harnessing potential
VIA Water works closely together with Aqua for All, carefully screening each project before signing contracts. Our projects are on track to delivering impact through our support and are ready to scale. We have supported them to improve their product and to prove that their business is viable and ready for you to invest in.

In our Bidbook, you can find information about our selected projects-the challenge they are addressing, their innovation and the impacts they are achieving. You can browse through the projects by selecting your priority theme or country.

Contact projects and VIA Water
Are you interested in opportunities to partner, invest, or fund? Don't hesitate, as via the website, you can get directly in touch with the entrepreneurs.

Titia Wouters, Programme mangers, gladly supports you in making connections with the projects or provide more information on the programme.  Contact her via if you want to discuss the VIA Water portfolio.