We welcome new teasers for Ghana!


In April, Willemijn Nagel, Programme Coordinator VIA Water, visited Ghana again. Her visit was meant as a (renewed) introduction of our programme in order to get the proposals flowing again. This visit was organized in cooperation with the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC). At GNBCC the special water attaché Barnabas Apom was recently appointed. One of his tasks is to stimulate cooperation between the Dutch water sector and Ghana. The VIA Water visit gave him an excellent opportunity to support Willemijn ánd to meet a great deal of the Ghanaian water sector in just one week.

In July we will once again visit Ghana to organize a Learning Tour. For this tour we are planning to invite:

(1)    Project owners who are implementing an idea that is already funded by VIA Water

(2)    Those who have submitted their teasers and are in the process of writing a full proposal

(3)    New people who can submit their 2-page teasers for consideration before June 16th. The best ones will be invited (according to the VIA Water criteria).

The possible venue for this learning tour is in Accra or a resort close to Accra for 2 or 3 days.  Details will be communicated to the selected participants. For the new teams that want to be part of this learning tour, please submit your 2-page teaser to the following email address for consideration: teaser@viawater.nl.

If you would you like to know more, you can always send us an email: info@viawater.nl.

Submit a teaser leading to a proposal:

Apart from those interested in being part of the learning tour, any organization is welcome to submit innovative teasers for consideration during the course of the year. There is no deadline or a limit to the number of ideas that can be submitted. Please refer this VIA Water opportunity to other organizations in your network that would like to submit a teaser.  You can find the criteria and the focus areas on our website: www.viawater.nl