The VIA Water fund is now closed for new applications

VIA Water is pleased with the number of applications we received as a response to our last call.

Even up to a few minutes before midnight, proposals kept coming in. We received a good score of 41 applications. Everyone who sent us a proposal received a confirmation. If not, please let us know. Some large attachments are sometimes too large to handle and are blocked.

Next step is reviewing all proposals. The VIA Water team will review all proposals in collaboration with experts from the water sector. Each proposal will receive detailed feedback. This process will take some time.

As a general aim, we want to ensure that accepted projects can start their activities this summer, so they can finalise before the end of 2018 at the latest.

This was the last VIA Water call. It is not possible to hand in teasers or full proposals anymore. Please do keep following the progress of the VIA Water projects on our website, subscribe to our Update, visit the knowledge hub or share your ideas in the Community.