The Spindle Innovation Challenge 2016

Are you innovating for a sustainable world for everyone? The Spindle challenges you!

So how does it work?
If you’re working on an innovation (or you finished one) that matches one of our themes, you can send in your application. During the Partos Innovation Festival on October 6th, you may put yourself and your organisation in the spotlight as most innovative of this year.

No innovations yet at your hands, but you do have a great idea or opportunity for an innovation that you would like to develop? Please send it in. The Spindle helps you to crowdsource your idea and facilitates a 3-day boot camp for your project team if you come up with the best one. 

What are the criteria for applications?

  • First of all, your innovation or idea should match one of our themes. These are: Leave No One Behind, Civic Power, Ways of Working Together and Make Data Count. 
  • This year, we aim to direct attention to a special theme, called Waithood. Waithood describes the situation that young people encounter, when they cannot participate in society due to discrimination, unemployment or because they are asylum seekers in a foreign country. Waithood is The Spindle Innovation Theme 2016.
  • If you send in an innovation and candidate yourself for the Best Innovation Award, it should be beyond the stage of idea. That is, it has been worked out and in business, either as a pilot or in full operation, or you have a prototype ready. 
  • The Spindle welcomes ideas that are based on collaboration between people and organizations representing different sectors and disciplines. If applicable, mention this in your application.
  • If possible, indicate how you involve or have involved Southern partners, gender equality and and inclusive approach.

What happens next?
You can send in your applications on Best Innovation Award and Best Idea Award 2016 throughout summer, latest on September 12th. Based on all applications, a jury of equals will produce a shortlist of 3 candidates that proceed for the awards. On the Innovation Festival (October 6th) the winner will be celebrated in the presence of a crowd of innovators in and around the development sector.

And now you're ready to apply! Check out: