SPOTLIGHT | Carwash Ghana

Adjusting plans on the way to success


2018 at VIA Water means projects in the spotlight.

Take a look at this interesting video from project 'Closing the water loop for car washing stations in Ghana'.  It chronicles a collaborative effort between students from TU Delft and KNUST towards developing an innovative recycling technology for car washing stations in Ghana. It also shows how innovative solutions often need adjustments as you go along - a crucial part of succesful innovation is the amount of flexibility and adaptability the project has.

​But project owner Isaac Monney is not just that: he is also a PhD fellow, who just managed to get a paper published in the Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, titled 'Beyond the MDG water target to universal water coverage in Ghana: the key transformative shifts required'. You can find the uncorrected proof version of the article attached.