Sharing Skills Seminar 2017

26 project owners gathered to grow their skills and learn from each other



Since a picture says more than a thousand words...we present to you
Sharing Skills 2017 (Accra, Ghana 20-24 November)

What are you bringing with you, and what would you like to take from this seminar?

Groupwork on project management: practicing with Monitoring & Evaluation, Risk Management, Theory of Change and Stakeholder Management

What would you like to learn this week?

Eggercise: save an egg that will be thrown from a balcony using just some straws, tissues and tape... Groups are divided by personality profile, showing how team work can differ due to differences in personality.

Field visits to Safe Water Network, SafiSana, SkyFox, Farmerline, University of Ghana and Ghana Water Company

What kind of leader are you? And can you trust and follow someone else?

Networking cocktail at residence of the Dutch Ambassador to Ghana