It's about the systems, stupid!

Patrick Moriarty (IRC WASH) on system blindness


At the TEDxDenHelder on 13 February 2017, IRC's CEO Patrick Moriarty held his first TED talk 'It's about the systems, stupid!'. In this talk he shared how overcoming "systems blindness" and building strong national systems will help deliver those services whilst ending aid dependency.

"We live in a world surrounded by complex systems that deliver health, education and water, sanitation and hygiene to us. Despite this we are largely blind to them – ignoring the systems and seeing only the services they provide. In both the rich and developing world this "systems blindness" is responsible for failed investments and poor services on a huge scale. What can we learn from people who are building systems in developing countries? What are the long term costs of quick wins?"

Check out the video here.