Flood forecasting at Ghanaians' fingertips

Last week lots of interested visitors of Adaptation Futures 2016 payed a visit to the stand of Royal Haskoning DHV where they showed their ‘Flash Flood Forecasting’ app. Almost every Ghanaian has access to a cell phone, so an app is the most accessible early warning device allowing for a proactive response. The app draws from modern satellite data and a new generation of flood modelling. It allows for more time than other early warning systems in that it is built for a small, specific area, so a smaller amount of data is required. 

We announced this project which is funded by us and reuses data gained during a UNDP project to map the flood and drought risks across Ghana earlier. NADMO, the disaster organisation in Ghana, helps to support this system and seek funding from the private sector. Working with 3Di and Infoplaza, the Royal HaskoningDHV team is responsible for overall project management given their experience in Accra and their local presence means that they know the key stakeholders in the city very well. 

Read more: http://www.royalhaskoningdhv.com/en-gb/blog/water/flood-forecasting-at-ghanaians-fingertips/6160