Famae Water Challenge

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FAMAE is an independent foundation with the objective to support and highlight initiatives which allow us to reduce our environmental footprint in the major circular economy sectors: water, waste, energy, mobility, food, air etc. The vision of the foundation is based on the conviction that technological innovations, with the right financial support, will allow the acceleration of the necessary ecological transformation. To achieve this goal, the Foundation organises an international innovation competition every year with each time a different theme and significant financial support.

November 15 they launched PRECIOUS WATER!, an international innovation challenge with €2,000,000 as prize amount aimed at entrepreneurs, startups & small businesses, students, researchers, NGOs, and community groups. The goal of the competition is to support brilliant initiatives with a major impact on access to drinking water, water treatment, water preservation, improving water quality & reducing the waste of water. Aqua for All recently became proud partner of the challenge.


Design a simple & innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world.

Maximum prize: € 2,000,000
Applications opened until February 15, 2019

More info & applications: Website FAMAE