AfriAlliance launch Conference

Call for Contributions


The first AfriAlliance Conference will be held from 22-24 March 2017 in South-Africa, and serves as the inaugural meeting of the AfriAlliance innovation alliance.

AfriAlliance is a 5-year project funded by the European Commission aiming to facilitate the collaboration of African and European stakeholders in the areas of water and climate innovation, research, policy and capacity development.
The first AfriAlliance Conference will be hosted by the Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LoCS4Africa) 2017 Congress on Water and Climate, organized by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, Africa Secretariat, in partnership with Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. The Congress connects Africa’s urban water & climate development challenges with solutions and opportunities for access to finance & technology, inclusivity through design and building more resilient urban communities.

What can you expect from the AfriAlliance Conference?

  • Being part of the launch of the AfriAlliance innovation alliance on the African continent bridging climate change and water related needs with potential innovative solutions
  • Inspiring keynote speakers
  • A diverse audience (incl. small & medium enterprises (SMEs), industry, policy makers, scientists, municipalities, regulators, civil society organisations and financiers)
  • Ample opportunities for networking, exchanging experiences and mutual learning
  • Different types of interactive sessions, such as demand-driven workshops, showcases of African initiatives and pitch-based poster sessions
  • Opportunities to give input and help shape the future AfriAlliance activities on social innovation for water and climate change challenges in Africa
  • Inspiration from the first set of AfriAlliance Action Groups and the chance to help identify themes for the next set of Action Groups

Become part of the action!
AfriAlliance invites your proposals for contributions at the AfriAlliance Conference. In order to have rich discussions and to help attendees find solutions, AfriAlliance welcomes perspectives and ideas from a variety of individuals and organisations from the water & climate change communities.

9 January 2017, 5pm CET: deadline for submission of proposals. More information in the attachment.