3 new VIA Water projects

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Every time a new project signs a contract, we at VIA Water celebrate. We want to introduce three new projects that recently signed contracts with us, working in Ghana, Rwanda and Benin. On April 10th, the VIA Water fund closed (you can find more info in this article). Soon, we will sign contracts with new VIA Water projects. We will keep sharing the updates with you to celebrate these successes together!

Egya-Pa: Scaling up liquid waste recycling in Takoradi, Ghana

This project aims to improve wastewater treatment in Ghana ánd provide energy to low-income consumers. How do they do this? Egya-Pa creates small-scale initiatives in liquid waste recycling to develop a low-cost technology and high-quality charcoal briquette product that can be used for large-scale municipal liquid waste treatment and reuse systems in low- and middle-income countries. With their name ‘Egya-Pa’, meaning ‘Good Fire’ in the local language Fanti, they are an example of the circular economy.

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Pay your relatives' water bills in Rwanda: ease remittance payments for water bills.

Rwandan migrants (diaspora) would like to have a way to directly pay their relatives' water bills without having to send money via western union at a high service fee and the risk of misuse of the sent funds for water by the beneficiaries. Mergims’ payment facilitator technology is to be integrated with the public water company and the water kiosks systems. Overall, this project aims to help Rwandans to have access to enough potable water, thanks to the financial help of their relatives, living abroad.

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Developing private supply and demand in sanitation in the Mono‐Couffo districts by social sanitation marketing, Benin

A Toilet For Everyone, A Relief For All

Despite progress made by municipalities, waterborne diseases are still a huge problem in Benin. In the Mono and Couffo Departments of Benin, the basic sanitation situation is alarming: In the three municipalities this project works, Hygiene and Sanitation Plans the average open-air defecation rate in the intervention municipalities is more than 82%.

The project combines a communication and sensitisation plan, showing people the need and opportunity of having a latrine at home, with a Sanimarket showcasing and selling affordable latrines and equipment at different prices.

This contract is so new, that the project is not posted on the website yet. Check https://www.viawater.nl/projects/ for updates!