2018: projects in the spotlight


At the moment, we have 60 projects up and running. About time to shed some light on them, and put the projects in the spotlight. We will be presenting highlights from our projects the coming months: through photographs, blogs and video, and on our website, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn and through external platforms. So keep a close watch!

To get you started straight away, take a look at the Greening Plastics Project, running in Senegal at the moment. This project is about is about recycling plastic waste, for example plastic bags into drip irrigation tubes. In the picture below you can see plastic waste being broken down into small pieces before remaking it into a new product.

You can find a great photo-report with some excellent explanations on the project here. But you can also watch an interview with Mamadou Diaw (in French), who is running the project with his family and who re-migrated from Italy in order to do this. 

If you cannot wait to see what our other projects are up to at the moment: have a look at our Community, where our projects regularly post updates themselves: www.viawater.nl/community. Of course, you can also find all of the info about our projects on the project page of our website, and in our Bidbook which you can find below this article.