Mainstreaming climate compatible development

Climate & Development Knowledge Network
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Established in 2010, CDKN (the Climate and Development Knowledge Network) has funded research, policy advice and knowledge programmes, globally and in more than 70 countries. It has also supported negotiators and negotiating groups. In this book, the lessons from the first seven years’ work of CDKN are shared. 

The guiding idea of CDKN since its inception has been ‘climate compatible development’. This is the idea that tackling climate change cannot be at the expense of reducing poverty and achieving human development. Indeed, synergies must be found wherever possible.

Chapter 4 specifically tackles the question of resourcing climate compatible development. Aid, and especially official climate finance, is one instrument, but far from the only one. Spending is dominated by national budgets and private sector flows. Climate compatible development will cost trillions not billions, and these amounts will only flow if the right regulatory frameworks are in place, and if public finance is used in imaginative ways to overcome market failures and leverage other funds. That is why CDKN has supported climate finance readiness in many countries, with a special focus on blended finance, to reduce the risk of innovation for the private sector. It has also been important to support decentralised and smaller-scale innovations.