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  • Aqua Monitor

    In this map, you can see where surface water changes have occured during the last 30 years. "Green pixels show where surface water has been turned into land (accretion, land reclamation, droughts). Blue pixels show where land has been changed into surface water (erosion, reservoir construction)"....

  • Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate

    At the European Space Solution Conference (30 May to 3 June in The Hague), a session took place on Smart Information Solutions for Water & Climate....

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  • Citizen science to better manage and protect the world's fresh water

    Citizen science to better manage and protect the world's fresh water? The project Freshwaterwatch-project proves it is possible. Every year, more people die from polluted water than from war or other sources. EarthWatch wants to help solve this issue by mapping environmental information, and answer 2 important questions: 1) What are the causes of the loss of freshwater quality? 2) Why are...

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  • VIA Water overview of online knowledge sources

    We are proud to present you this booklet which provides an overview of platforms where extra information can be found linked to each Pressing Need of VIA Water. It does not provide all sources we know off, but is intended to be a first stepping stone.  ...

  • Data gathering

    Data gathering and sharing is necessary to contribute to a large need of all stakeholders. Governments need reliable information to base their policies on. Local stakeholders need reliable information to convince decision makers. Investors need information to decide on their next investment.. Reliable information is needed for all water sector stakeholders, at any level....

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