IRC trend Analysis 2016-2025

Rognerud, I., Fonseca, C., Kerk, A. van der, Moriarty, P.
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IRC is an NGO focusing on delivering good Water, Sanitation and Hygiene solutions. They have made an analysis of the trends in the WASH sector for the coming 9 years. It helps to reflect what is happening in your country and how your innovation can contribute in managing the negative trends. Find more about the 11 trends identified in the attached document:

Trend 1. improving human development and economic growth
Trend 2. rapid growth in migration and urbanisation
Trend 3. worsening water scarcity
Trend 4. complex governance trends
Trend 5. a changing global aid landscape
Trend 6. the rise of domestic resource mobilisation for development
Trend 7. expansion of information and communications technology
Trend 8. persistent gaps in wash services despite better access overall
Trend 9. continued inadequacy and unsustainability of wash finance
Trend 10. evolving approaches to wash service provision
Trend 11. altered priorities in dutch development cooperation policy