Impact Series: Innovating towards economic impact

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VIA Water supports innovations that tackle urban water challenges in Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and Senegal. Various key insights and lessons have been gathered throughout the programme, which we will share to guide and serve as a resource for water innovators, practitioners and policymakers. 

In the Impact Series, we showcase examples of VIA Water-supported innovations that are making an impact in different key areas and to share emerging lessons from these. This infosheet from the Impact Series provides examples from our innovations that are helping local economies grow. These innovative solutions stimulate the economy in multiple ways: by creating alternative circular economic opportunities through the reuse of waste, drive economic growth through new ICT-driven solutions and/or bring new or adapted products to the market.

As the majority of projects are still in early-stage innovation phase, these impact indicators seek to give insight into their short-term impacts during the course of their implementation with VIA Water. 

More information on each of these projects can be seen here.

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