The Business of Sustainable Water & Sanitation for the Poor

28 August 2016 09:00


Scaling up Safe water and Sanitation by catalysing business growth: overcoming the pioneering gap


World Water Week is less that one month away! As you begin to plan your session agenda, be sure to join the Toilet Board Coalition, Antenna Foundation, LIXIL, Manila Water, WSUP, iDE and Aqua4All on Sunday 28 August from 9h00 - 10h30: "The Business of Sustainable Water & Sanitation For The Poor" in the Music Hall – Room NL. 


Delivering safe water and sanitation at scale needs viable enterprises that can grow. Such business models lead to job creation and have an impact on health, time saving and economic growth in the country. But being profitable is the pre-condition for scale as loosing money undermines any effort to sustainable scaling-up. The last years have shown some promising examples of social enterprises in safe water and sanitation. However, almost all are still trapped in the so-called pioneering gap - in terms of the terminology “Beyond the Pioneers”. How can this gap be overcome? This event will showcase example of successfull business cases.


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