Free feedback for entrepreneurs with innovative business models focussing on urban water issues

19 August 2016 09:00

Africa’s rapid urbanisation will result in new water management challenges for cities. Effective water management will be critical in preparing cities to face these emerging challenges. Do you have an innovative business model to solve a water problem in African cities? Then you can connect with Africa Funded to get free feedback from one of the top 10 Africa focused early stage investors on your current business model for urban water issues on Friday August 19th. The most promising solutions will be screened to see if they are eligible for support by the VIA Water programme if they are in one of the seven VIA Water focus countries. 

Feedback sessions are open for entrepreneurs with innovative business models focussing on urban water issues. Limited slots are available though. The selection is based on most the promising concepts (traction entrepreneur, sound business model) for business models addressing:

  • Equitable and efficient water use in (peri) urban agriculture
  • Sustainable access to drinking water
  • Sustainable access to sanitation
  • More reliable water harvesting and storage
  • Sustainable use of ground water resources
  • Improved quality of water resources and distributed water
  • Good quality data gathering, management and sharing
  • Viable financial arrangements
  • Improved urban planning
  • Preventing and coping with floods, droughts and coastal erosion.

Investor Vincent Kouwenhoven (Director eVentures & eVentures Africa Fund) and Saskia Reus-Makkink (Director Africa Funded) are hosting this Free Feedback Friday on Friday August 19th. Connect with their Skype address (FreeFeedbackFriday) to reserve your slot. Mention: Get ready for funding.

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