CoCoon: 'Natural resource conflicts: sense and sensitivity in policies' - The Hague

27 November 2015 09:00

The programme Conflict and Cooperation over Natural resources in developing countries (CoCooN) explores the dynamics of cooperation and conflicts over natural resources. The outcomes will contribute to evidence-based policy, interventions and practice.

The CoCooN Conference is co-organised by NWO-WOTRO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and offers a critical learning space for policy makers, researchers and civic actors. How can CoCooN contribute to making policies more conflict sensitive? What can we learn from research in a concerted effort of civic actors and academics?

The afternoon sessions are dedicated to explore approaches to link research to policy and practice. It will include a specific exchange session with the Knowledge Platforms, amongst others by organising speed dates.

You can find more information about the conference  here.