Write-shop: Bridging the knowledge gap in human waste products


Professors and students working on Scientific Publications

Egerton University professors and students worked together with Nakuru County Sanitation Programme staff during a three-day write-shop to write scientific and popular publications. These publications are intended to be published in scientific journals, sector magazines and other fora to spur interest and encourage investment in continued development of human waste products.

The first series of articles focuses on bio-fertilisers and includes results of analysed data from extensive field trials between 2015-2016 using cabbage, maize and potatoes as test crops. Products tested include: Struvite, (vermi-)compost, dried sludge and bio-char.

The second series of articles on biomass fuels includes results from the product research, production process design and pilot studies conducted for carbonised briquettes and fuel-pellets.

The first scientific article has been published; follow the link:

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear Reinilde,

Great to see a more scientific publication be shared in our community. A good proof of the potential of sawdust/fecal based briquettes. The research was done in the programme that is receiving EU and VIA Water support. 

I would like to invite our other briquette members such as Sanivation in Kenya and Slamson/ATCWar in Ghana to share their findings. And we expect to welcome one more briquette/stove project in Kenya to join our family within short.