Website to monitoring water quality of Niger River in Mali


Launching ceremony of the website on monitoring the water quality of the Ni
Video credit: Africable

Newpaper "Essor" describing the launch of the website

The improvement of the water quality of the Niger River is based on permanent access to data produced continuously. It is only at this price that the decision-maker can make informed decisions, that the developer can implement appropriate actions and that the citizen will be able to adopt a behavior respectful of the environment. This not only requires the production of knowledge about the water quality of the river, the identification of solutions to improve the quality of the water, but especially the development of communication and sharing tools for a better implication of the stakeholder.

The website, officially launched on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, is part of two different projects that address the problems of water quality with the aim of sharing the results and use them for lobbying and advocacy:
- Watershed Mali project " Dialogue and dissent for universal and sustainable WASH “ implemented by Wetlands International, and
- The Project "Capture and share continuous water quality data of the Niger River around Bamako” implemented by ABFN

The idea of the site is to gather all existing data on water quality in a central repository. Thus, stakeholders have all kinds of information about water quality for lobbying and advocacy.

The website offers raw data and graphical processed data and interactive maps, on:
- The quality of groundwater and surface water,
- The quality of rainwater
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