We selected the optimal mobile DNA device!


Annelise is ready to start the tests. It sure is a small device!

When you want to test the water quality in Mozambique with a DNA-based field device, step one is of course to make sure you have a device. Within this project we will not research or develop a new technology, but we will determine whether available technologies are suitable for this application or whether further development is required.

After weighing up all the advantages and disadvantages of available mobile DNA devices, we decided on the lightest, most portable and simple solution. Now the serious work can begin! We will start by testing the device in the lab of Orvion in The Netherlands. Let’s see what this little device can do!

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear 'Orvion', This week I had talks with Vitens Evides International,  FIPAG Beira Utility and the Health Department of the City. They look forward for the 25 sample boxes to start their investigations. Links are made to decide on the best sampling points, well related to existing points of sampling and known problem points. There seems to be a great demand. The field device could lead to big transport savings. If I look at the number of samples taken here in Beira: over 6,000 per year by Fipag alone and also thousands per year by the Municipality.

Dick from Beira, Mozambique