Water filter media of granulated ceramics

Greetings to all idealists, seeking to maximize the numbers of those accomodated with safe drinking water.  We at TAM Ceramics are now producing and distributing water filter media of granulated ceramics, as contains a small amount of bonded silver. This is available as effective anywhere within a range of log 3 to log 7 (99.90% to 99.99999% reduction).  Do have a look at our accompanying brochure.

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TAM's water filter media of granulated ceramics will enable water filters of any size. Treatment is accomplished as pathogens bounce from one silver contact to the next. No chemicals, electricity or other devices are needed; only gravity.

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Dear Reid,

Yhanks for posting and sharing in our community. I have sent your brochure to several practitioners and experts to learn about their opinion. By this means I would like to invite other community members to give their ideas.

Dick Bouman

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