Visit Mali resulted in new planning, Sept 2016.


Djeneba Minta, Amadou Ouologuem and Marie-Antoinette de Veth

Because of the security situation in Bandiagara VAM decided, in advice of the Dutch embassy in Bamako, to shift our mission to the capital. The aim of the visit was together with
- The headmaster of the women vocational school, Djeneba Minta
- The president of the association Tuma Barama, Amadou Ouologuem
- The contractor Youssouf Minta
to make a planning and carrying out 4 projects
It concerns:
• The project of the Blue Pump
• Lessons during 10 weeks concerning water, sanitation and hygiene, the women who will get the education to construct the eco-toilets are obliged to follow this course, so that they can also instruct other women.
• The training for learning to repair and maintain bicycles and sewing machines
• The project of the eco-toilettes.
Concerning the last project:
Because we could not earlier go to Mali, we made a new planning in Bamako in September and we talked about the responsibilities and tasks.
Initially it was the intention to invite an organization of Togo to come to Mali; During our visit in September we decided not to cooperate, partly because of the safety, but also because of the fact that the communication with the organization in Togo does not go smoothly. However we will use their experiences concerning construction, program of sensibility, re-use for agriculture and organization.
The client for this project project is VAM, the responsibility to carry out is the headmaster of the school for women (women vocational school) she will report VAM, does the selection of the women and will organize the program of the vocational training.
The contractor puts together a team, carries out the construction and advices the headmaster of the school concerning good teachers (theoretical and practical) .
This contractor is the right person for his project, he has much experience in technical projects which were carried out by women and he is a contractor as well as a teacher.
This contractor will supervise the next 2 years this project concerning the construction as well as the start of the enterprise of the women.

October: Selection of the women , collect and incorporate all the information by the team of the contractor;

November, December, January: theoretical and practical training in the construction of the 4 demo-toilet blocs ( different models);


February/march: developing a module re-use and training of the women in circulating their knowledge;

April/may: business training ;

June: training of the pupils/women in the school in using the toilets, selling, sensitive other people;

July: developing the organization; structuring and start of the enterprise( construction, PR and information about eco-toilets);

September: evaluation