Via Water Café, Mozambique Maputo


What a memorable event, master minders gathering in a warm and welcoming host of AIAS Maputo in Mozambique, with the Via Water team (Dick Bouman and Shabana Abbas) on the 29th of September 2017.

As all the Via Water project partners and other important stakeholders discussed on pitched projects, we all had a fruitful day of shared knowledge and wisdom.

I would like to extent my deepest gratitude for those who have been working hard in order to ensure a successful café. I wish success and prosperity to all project owners and stakeholders.

Shabana Abbas's picture

Thank you Christopher for the note! It was great meeting you and others in Maputo. I found the discussions in the café very fruitful & impressive. 

I hope you were able to connect with some new people and can take forward these connections for expanding your work. 

All the best!