Under the lead of Rwanda Environment Care with his partners (SNV, EFP Ltd and SANIDEV Ltd) a meeting was organized and held at SNV Office regarding the project Urban Ecosan in Kigali and Musanze Project implementation.
On the agenda, the following points were discussed:
-Introduction of partners, who will play a role in the project implementation,
-Project objectives,
-Deeper explanation of the pilot project realized by REC, SANI and EFP,
-Discussion (All participants)
-Way forwards
In this meeting Kigali City and 3 Districts(Gasabo, Kicukiro, Nyarugenge and Musanze City) sanitation and urban planning /One stop center officers were presents and the aim of this meeting to share and deeply explain the objectives of the project and the role of each partner during implementation. Project owners (from REC,SNV,SANIDEV Ltd and EFP Ltd) were presents.
After a short introduction by Monique from SNV, Valentin explained the technology of ecological sanitation, its usefulness as public toilets in both cities of Musanze and Kigali, its benefits particularly for hygiene and sanitation in public places, safety and quality of resulting fertilizers for agriculture purpose.
Albert made clarification on the use of fertilizers in agriculture, the difference in quality and cost once adopted for agriculture growth in Rwanda.
The invitee were satisfied by the achievement of the pilot project and together decided to continue supporting it by pushing the process of signing contract for plots and they recommended the following:
-Regarding the technology, the size of the toilet cabinet should be reduce in order to use small land and shower/changing room should also provided.
-The project once implemented, owner should establish a system where farmers should get fertilizers in credit way called NKUNGANIRE; and pay after harvesting; this should be governed by a contract.
-This technology should also be established at household level where village models system is being implemented in order to find a solution to land management use.
-The technology should also be up scaled in schools to promote school garden and greening to fight malnutrition and enhance school feeding program already established but facing food commodity shortage.
-Scheduling another meeting with each district authority for awakening other district staffs about the project. The meetings are scheduled in the next week (from 4th to 8th September 2017).

Wash Specialist & Project Team Leader
Urban ecosan for Kigali and Musanze Project.