There is an important things that happened since we started our project Urban Ecosan For Kigali and Musanze such as rehabilitation of school ecosan in Musanze(3schools ) and Kigali(3schools),training of schools community in ecosan management and hygiene behavior changes ,construction of new public toilet and we have received an international conference organized by Global Environment Facility  (14 African countries) as we were selected as best orgnization with best practices in innovation in Rwanda on this 14th Feb 2019 at our Demo site in Nyamata.

We came up with good packaging and branding of our two product: black gold(bio-fertilizer) and Fermented Urines.


Please let us share with you our success story with photos.


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Great to hear this update Valentin! Can you share some photos (this doesn't seem to have worked in your post)?

What innovation best practices did you share from your ecosan public toilet/shop pilot with those visiting your demo site at the Global Environment Facility conference? 

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Dear Vi,

Thank you fo your comments,GEF was our first funder for ecosan project late 2007,as you know we have made progress in technology improvement and adaptation while making the project more innovative.We shared with them about Public Ecosan Business model which is totally different from the first model due to innovation we added with the Viawater current project.They saw the Demo site and how the fertilizer/black gold  is packed and the diffence betwreeen the use of black gold and compost mixed with chemical.They saw also how we prepare black gold from toilet up to packaging process.Everybody was amized due to the work.What was the most innovative is how we have combined sanitation ,business and agriculture.Its a full package business model.

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Thank for the comments

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I contributed to URBAN ECOSAN FOR KIGALI AND MUSANZE business  model development  at that time I was working at SNV Rwanda. I am very happy to see positive impact and improvement of the project where it tackles 3 major sectors in Rwanda (Agriculture, Health  and business oriented). 

Special thanks to Monique Zwiers who was my senior Supervisor and Mr. Norbert (Holland GreenTech) to the tremendous work supporting  Local NGOs making an Impact in Kigali and Musanze districts.

Bio-fertilizer and Fermented Urines are very rich in nutrients for Vegetables, this brings me to advise and encourage Mr. Valentin and Mr. Albert to continue targeting Small and Medium farmers in both urban and rural areas as the goverment of Rwanda is putting  more effort in end mal nutrition for children under five years.

Looking forward to see this project expanding and reach all the 30 districts of Rwanda.

I am available to contribute more on the project 


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This is our black gold being packed and shipped to farmers of Musanze to growth potetoes as demo-testing action.10 farmers and agro-dealers will test the innovation.This is done after training of those farmers last MARCH 2019.Two tones are being shipped today.