Human waste ,source of rich nutrients for agro-ecology.

Agro-ecology stand by agricultural practice that consider ecological system equilibrium so that the future generation could not be compromised.One of the best practice and approach  in agro-ecology is to reduce environmental(water,soil) pollution by chemicals and pestices in order to prevent ecosystem desequiliblium.One of objective of our project " Urban Ecosan for Kigali and Musanze" is to produce safe and rich-nutrient fertilizer: "black gold" to help farmers to restaure their soil structure and increase their production.But behind that,the soil become healthy due to  organic fertilizer ,then crops also are more healthy,resistant to deseases and farmers do not need  or apply a big quanitity of pesticide.The soil structure also become strong and soil erosion reduced,no washoff and no pollution to water source.That's why we have been invited to Agro-ecology workshop organized by UNDP-SGP(Farmer danor of Rwanda Environment Care),University of Rwanda and Nile Basin Initiative to provide our input.This was an opportinuty for marketing and awareness of our "black gold"to #personnalityToday our black gold is no longer exposed to external factors(solar,rain)Today,after ViaWater intervention,Black gold is prepared and stored in covered shed.Before Black gold was expsed to open air and external factors affected its quality.