Update 2: Water Technology Academy Ghana


Currently a consortium including Water Health International (WHI) and Delta Learning in Water (DLIW) is working on the introduction of a new way of learning for the staff of WHI in Ghana. Back from our trip to Ghana in February this year (see earlier update) we started to transfer the 160 GB of photo and video material into videos that can be used by the operators and technicians of WHI. With our joined developed academy we are able to support learning of the WHI-staff on the workplace. Colleagues on the different locations of WHI in Ghana will get 24/7 access to the online academy. Within the academy two types of content will be shared with the staff: 
1. Basic course on water treatment; 
2. Essentials (online instruction manuel) for the Water Health Installations. 

Please see https://deltalearninginwater.nl/opleidingen/#1475569789470-4a7e00b7-936f for an example of a module within the basic cours and https://deltalearninginwater.nl/opleidingen/#1491472358676-135be6b7-89d3 for an example of an essential

Around the summer we finalised the assembly of all the material. Two colleagues of WHI got access to the academy for the quality assurance. After approval a team of 12 colleagues from WHI got access to the online academy. They are currently working with the academy. Their experience is recorded via an online survey.

This project will be finalised at the end of December 2017. Follow-up will take place in at least three ways:
1. WHI will be using the academy the coming years;
2. A Dutch technology provider already signed a contract with us to introduce this groundbreaking way of learning also in the Dutch water sector;
3. We are exploring opportunities to introduce the learning concept in other projects in developing countries. Currently a project in Kenya is the most concrete opportunity.

Overview of the academy

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Dear Ronald,

Last Friday Shabana and me visited the WHI team and one of the sites of operation. WHI has already >50 water points all over the country and is functioning as an umbrella to support the local operators. The water vending points are impressive and your tools could surely support the operators in improving their knowledge and skills and problem solving in case of maintenance requirements. The WHI team mentioned that time saving is one of the envisioned main advantages of the web-based support system. 

DickWHI vending point in Accra

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Great to hear Dick. Samuel and his team were really enthousiastic about your visit and your genuine interest in their work!