Update 1: Water Technology Academy Ghana


From january 28 to february 5, Mette van der Linden, Peter Bulsing and Ronald Wielinga have been visiting several drinking water treatment plants of Water Health International in Ghana. We produced over 160 GB of photo and video material. This material will be used to create the essentials for educating the operators and technicians of 85 drinking water installations of Water Health Ghana. The material will be used by the operators to help them by operating and maintaining the installation (performance support). During the week we had not only the opportunity to see the plants of Water Health in the region of Accra. We also visited several treatment plants of Safe Water Network at the Volta Lake more to the North of Accra.

Besides the performance support activities we will also create general courses on Water Treatment for Water Health. Leo Groendijk, lecturer on water treatment for CIV Water has spend 1 day in the studio of SkillsTown in Eindhoven to give lectures in front of a camera. This lectures are currently transformed in short general water treatment courses. 

It is great to see that our partners in Ghana are realy looking forward to get access to the Water Technology Academy and see the result of both the general courses and the essentials for performance support.

Drinking water plant of Water Health near AccraDrinking water facility of Water Health Ghana near Accra

Mette filming the installation near Accra with the head of operations of Water HealthMette filming the explanation of Krishna (head of operations Water Health)

Mette van der Linden, Peter Bulsing and Ronald WielingaThe team for this week: Mette van der Linden, Peter Bulsing and Ronald Wielinga

Children collecting water for their motherChildren picking up water for their family

Carrying water Ghanaian way and laughing with the operator of the plant Ronald trying to carry 20 l of water on his head...Wisdom, the operator of Water Health supports him

Leo Groendijk in front of a green screen for the general courseLeo Groendijk in front of a green screen for the production of the general course