Trainning of SAC-TIC project team


August 2 an 3 th 2018, SAC-TIC Project team have received a training about using the mobile application and the web interface for the warning system which is developped by the partner Solutis.

This step is very important for the project team to implemente really the warning system.

A test for the warning system is begun for 1 month to finilize completly the warning system

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Thanks for sharing Rachel. This is a great milestone reached - please do keep us updated on this important testing phase, such as any issues and challenges you face and what lessons you've learnt from this to bring to your finalised warning system. We'll all be interested to know!

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Thanks Vi for your comments. The test is currently continuing.We are very pleased to inform Via Water that the developed system is actually as we dreamed off.Indeed, the project team noted with satisfaction, after the tests and the training received on the platform, that the ideas that we had at the beginning of this project on the features of the warning system are those that are active after the design of the system. The SAC-TIC (name of our warning system) answers the project team expectation.However, we have become aware that, when using the warning system, administrators need to pay more attention to prevent certain errors that may be damaging to the system. Like sending incorrect information. It has been decided therefore to work as a team and to pass on what must be posted on the platform by some validators. By comparing our system with results of study about warning systems which have been implemented in Benin, we have noted that none warning system like SAC-TIC has been experimented. So, we can alledge say that our system is an innovation.Sac-Tic is really dynamic and adapted to the mobility of users. it requires little updating and it is not necessary to register several times for reasons of neighborhood or language changes or additional information.

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Great to hear that the testing phase of SAT-TIC is going very positively at the moment and that you are working together as a team on the platform.

It will be interesting to hear what other lessons you have gathered along the way in this month of testing.