Training on Akvo flow and Caddisfly


Enumerators, dashboard managers, facilitators and Director of ABFN

The project « Collect and share continuous water quality data of the Niger River around Bamako held his first training for abfn dashboard managers and enumerators. Training took place in two stages:
1. Training for abfn dashboard managers, during 2 days (23-24 October). Skills developed:
- Create survey in dashboard;
- Set up phone and assign it to the enumerators:
- Visualizing data on dashboard;
- Clean and modify data
- Monitoring function;
- Manage users on dashboard;
- Use Akvo Caddisfly.
2. Training for enumerators, during 2 days (25-26 October). Skills developed:
- Use Akvo flow with using phone
- Know the available parameters
- Make link with dashboard;
- Test the parameters available with the app Akvo Caddisfly
The training was facilitated by two brilliant Akvo experts: Birama et Rianne