The Toilet Accelerator: the business opportunity for VIA Water sanitation projects?


We share a message of the Toilet Board Coalition, as this might be a great opportunity for the VIA Water projects working on the pressing need ´Sustainable access to sanitation services´.

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Last Call for applications - deadline 30 April 2017

In 2016 the Toliet Board launched their corporate accelerator programme, The Toilet Accelerator,  to facilitate private sector engagement and bespoke mentorship to sanitation businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. The Toilet Accelerator works with promising sanitation business models that have the potential to overcome current barriers to access, use and adherence at scale. More than toilets alone, the Toilet Board is supporting commercially viable businesses at every point in the sanitation value chain including circular economy waste management models, digital and mobile applications for sanitation and e-health.

They focus on commercial viability, de-risking and scale. Take a human centred design approach: test all ideas; don’t be afraid to fail; build on learnings to get to a viable solution. We insist on commercial rigor, leveraging deep understanding of consumer insights, social & environmental issues, and commercial investment analysis.

In 2016 the call focused on toilet innovations, 2017 will focus on circular economy and digital business opportunities and business models.

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