Site visit with Dick Bouman after the Via Water café


Communication is important at every stage of the projects’ success, especially at the outset. A common noticed fear is jumping into the project before really getting to know each other (the project partners). It is important to connect to feel comfortable expressing your opinions, ideas and expectations.

Ideally partners’ professional skills can complement one another especially in areas of project piloting, marketing and sales, product development and launching or market up-scaling.

Personally, the Via Water café and site visit by the team were a great deal overcoming some of our project threats and weaknesses at the same time opening new opportunities.

Dick Bouman's picture

Dear Chris,


It was a great pleasure to have a short visit to your great site in Polana Canico. And having seen your trial&success learning for the best and affordable solution for urban gardening. With the big challenge that most of the people in the neighbourhood favour dusty sand soil in their backyard, instead of these lovely and healthy greens. It is a big adventure, learning sewing, inventing grey water treatment, beating beatles. And learning from the posts of Peter Chege on his hydroponics systems. I just post an extra photo as a testemony that I was there at the beginning of the Bricks&Bags movement. At the plot of one of your satisfied clients.

Dick, now from Beira