Setting up our briquette production line


Briquette production training
Video credit: Lawrence Kimaru

Briquettes produced

First briquettes are being produced during a training of site workers on Greenergia K Ltd.'s fuel production site.

To produce water hyacinth based carbonised briquettes, the company has set-up a production line that includes drying of raw materials (water hyacinth and other biomass wastes), milling them, mixing the different materials, producing briquettes with an agglomerator machine and finally drying them on drying beds in the sun.

The briquettes will be tested in a recognised laboratory and tested in the field with households and institutions during the W2E adoption trial.

Vi Nguyen's picture

Thanks for sharing this Reinilde! Great to see how you're transforming water hyacinth into fuel briquettes, as well as into fuel pellets.

Are both the briquettes and the pellets made using the same ratio of water hyacinth and biomass? Or are different ratios used to yield different levels of energy?