SEMA POS Testing Commenced


The Jibu team in Rwanda have commenced testing of the POS component of the SEMA IT Tool with great reviews. Even though there is still more to do and feedback will determine what current features need corrections, the initial feedback is great. According to Marc Malone, Head Engineer for Jibuco, the reception from training in Rwanda for the pilot phase includes such favourites as the reporting feature that gives micro franchisees the ability to view daily sales by litre and revenue as well as daily inventory (production levels of safe water).

Testing will go on for the next couple of weeks and will be launched officially at the end of October, 2018.

Vi Nguyen's picture

Great to hear that the your SEMA IT platform has been received positively from Jibu franchise owners. How many franchise owners are taking part in this piloting phase?

And what feedback has been the most important so far for the next development phase of the SEMA IT platform?