Self-billing and Payment of Water Tariffs Platform Ready to Take off


Demonstration of Self- billing Platform by Albert Ekuful

The development of the Self-Billing and Payment of Water Tariffs Platform was completed on the 21st of May, 2018. A demonstration of the Platform was made to the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) and currently been reviewed by relevant stakeholders for their inputs.
All a customer needs to do is to dial *714*56# provided you are within the pilot district. A menu will be displayed with the customer’s details. E.g. Name, Meter Number and your previous meter reading.

The system will then request for your current reading, once you provide that, it will be automatically send to the e-billing platform which will compute your bill and send to you instantly.

The platform is simple, easy to use and tailored for every individual customer. It does not require the use of internet or mobile credit.