Selection of products for up-scaling


Fireball briquettes

During a presentation day, partners selected products for up-scaling. This was a result of a discussion around findings of the different research projects carried out:
- The bio-fertiliser and biomass fuel market studies;
- Preliminary findings of field trials using potatoes, cabbage and maize as test crops;
- Biomass fuel product research sampling different shapes, binders and ratios of raw materials (saw dust; market waste; banana stocks, charcoal dust and faecal matter)
- Laboratory analysis (physical and combustion characteristics; pathogens; heavy metals; nutrients)

The market studies indicated potential for both biomass fuels and bio-fertilisers with over 80% indicating willingness to use the products. Pre-liminary findings of the field trials indicated promising results for use of the bio-fertilisers (partly) made from faecal matter and urine as a soil amendment and for field crop and horticulture crop production. Biomass fuel product research indicated briquettes and fuel pellets can be made out of (a combination of) saw dust, market waste, charcoal dust and faecal matter and compete with current products in the market.

It was concluded that although all products are promising, the products that have the potential to be up-scaled (further developed, produced, certified and introduced to the market) within the project period, are biomass fuels. Research results guided the selection of the carbonised fire-ball briquette made from carbonised sawdust and carbonised faecal matter with molasses as the binder. Fuel pellets made from the same raw materials provide a good option for the growing market demand for those using gasifier stoves.

See a sample of the fireballs in the photo below