Sanergy's participation to VIA Water Sharing Skills Seminar


Tom Osoro, Sanergy's Agricultural Products Sales & Marketing ManagerTom Osoro, Sanergy's Agricultural Products Sales & Marketing Manager will be joining you next week for VIA Water's Sharing Skills Seminar.

Project Title: Exploration of sales channels to improve up-take of organic fertiliser by smallholder farmers in Kenya 

Objective -  Explore different market entry strategies to raise awareness and give access to a bio-solids-based organic fertilizer named Evergrow for smallholder farmers 

Innovation – Innovative full value chain approach  that provides access to sustainable, hygienic sanitation to residents of urban slums and ensure that human waste is safely removed from the community, treated and converted into valuable end-products, such as bio-solids-based organic fertilizer for smallholder farmers

Expected Results – Build a brand recognition, create customer loyalty and lasting relationships with farmers and providing them with useful good practices content. Ensure sustainability of the value chain.

Useful for – Smallholder farmers

Pressing needs – Food Security and Urban Sanitation