SAC-TIC using is debated in the 119 session of CAFE MEDIA PLUS


the 119 session on CAFE MEDIA PLUS

In Benin, every friday morning , journalists organised a CAFE MEDIA PLUS to debate about actualities.
SAC-TIC platform was on the thematics which was debated december 28 th 2018 in the MEDIA center.
The Executif Secretry of PNE-Benin has done this debate with journalists and it was oportunities for SAC-TIC visibility.

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Great way to promote the SAC-TIC platform at Benin's first Press Club. What aspect of the SAC-TIC platform was debated at the session? And were you able to share project insights with them?

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SAC-TIC project and services of SAC-TIC was been presentended. It's an opportunities to communicate more about our innovation