Project partners visitation.


In Mozambique, on our last Via Water Café, partners agreed to visit one project every month organised by Andre Marques Arsenio - Project Liaison Officer to Mozambique.
On the 9th of March we started with the BUSP project and people discussed about ways to sustain projects after the Via Water funding.
Last month we hosted the team from 14:00 and the topics discussed was on how we can best target the market. A lot of ideas were shared including having a strong brand, proper combination of the marketing mix elements and the try and buy strategy.
To my opinion, such meetings strengthen the relationships between partners and opens up for more ideas and opportunities.

Dick Bouman's picture

Good work, Chris. Sharing and exchange is stimulating. I recognize the hydroponics frame. Very interesting. Tomorrow I will bring you some more ideas from my Kenya visit. This time from Adriaan Mol's Multiloop Aquaponics. He is doing this medium scale, but it can be done small scale as well. As long as there is constant aeration (for oxygen) and flux (for oxygen and for Ammonia reduction). Mini single loop aquaponics at StartleMini single-loop at Startles Kikaboni Farm, south of Nairobi

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Thanks Mr Dick.

I am looking foward to the notes taken. We want to be the first to provide simple, user n pocket friendly designs for small scale gardening in Maputo //.or Mozambique adding to our other Brick and Bag gardening Eco-techniques.