Project Inception in Tamale


Project inception meeting with the Unisversity for Development Studies

In February, 2017 (11th-17th) the Tamale Settled Sewerage Network project was launched as part of the inception phase of the implementation of the innovative project for the Salamba (area B) and Sakasaka (area B). The project inception mission team included representatives of the various partners from the Netherlands (DB, LeAFand GMB) and Ghana (PerfSan, TaMA, UDS, Urbanet etc).

A discussion meeting was held with the University for Development (UDS) in Tamale as a partner knowledge Institution which is currently conducting social research in the target project area as a triggering intervention for the involvement and participation of all category of inhabitants of the project area.
The discussions concluded on the refining indicators for field study on household demographics and gender inclusion as considerations in accessing the sanitation system and services of the project.

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