Poster Ecosan au Sanimarché de Dogbo


Poster ecosan du Sanimarché de Dogbo

Voici le dernier support illustré du Sanimarché de Dogbo pour expliquer le mode d'utilisation d'une latrine ecosan aux visiteurs.

Friso Vos de Wael's picture

How is this leaflet/poster used? Is it posted next to the latrine? Do you experience that it provides enough information on its own? Or do you use it as a part of a introduction or presentation to the latrine?

And how do users react on it? What question do they come up with?

Myriam Launay's picture

Thanks for your questions and interest!

Those posters will be hung in the ecosan cabin latrine of the Sanimarket so that the users/customers can be informed while they relieve themselves! It clearly does not provide enough information in its own but aims to arouse interest, questions and a discusion with the Sanimarket manager (whose role is to get the attention og the passerbys in order to invite them to a discussion and try to convince them to buy a latrine).

The poster will be hung next week, I'll let you know how it works!