Portraits "heureux acheteurs" de Dogbo


Portraits "heureux acheteurs" de Dogbo

Le projet de "Sanimarketing" financé par le programme Via Water d'Aqua For All touche à sa fin! L'équipe est actuellement en train de capitaliser ce beau projet.
Trouvez ici les portraits "heureux acheteurs" du Sanimarché 'mɛmɛ xᴐ' de Dogbo

Vi Nguyen's picture

Thanks for sharing these 'happy buyers' testimonials, they look great. Are you hoping to share and promote these to different target audiences?

Myriam Launay's picture

Hi Vi!

Thanks for your reaction!

We printed the testimonials as:

- leaflets, that are given to collaborators, donors, partners;

- posters, that are posted in the customer area of both Sanimarkets