Our Virtual Reality Apps - freely downloadable


As we're closing our Virtual Latrines project with VIA Water, we'd like to share with you the VR experience that we've developed for one of our customers in Mozambique. In this [Dropbox folder](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qqjcu8ttx60ugmh/AAAs8_xqThGmzkdMMVVNi0KFa?dl=0) you can find 2 apps that you can freely download and install on any Android phone that is VR compatible (most Samsung phones are). We hope this will inspire more people to create VR-based marketing experiences for the sales of sanitation solutions or other essential goods and services for low-income groups.

Here's a video that shows how this VR tool helped a toilet company in Mozambique.

Titia Wouters's picture

I saw your response to Vi's question about the increase in sales. I was wondering if in your approach it is mostly women or men that your salesagents work with.

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Hello Titia. Good question. With Naiss in Mozambique we had a mix of male/female sales agents. With Sanergy/Fresh Life in Kenya, we only worked with their female sales agents. As these sales agents go door-to-door to promote the toilets they mainly interact with women that stay at home for household chores (men are often at work). We've seen that female sales agents are quite effective (possible more effective than male agents) in educating these house moms on the benefits of  improved sanitation. So, as a conclusion, it has mainly been women that benefited directly from our project activities. 

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Great to hear that this technology is empowering more and more women in the decision making process for sanitation services.

Thanks also for sharing your freely downloadable VR apps - are these also publicly available for others to use, such as on Google Play? 

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We haven't put them in the Google Play Store but used our own channels for sharing (VIA Water, Facebook, etc) so we can provide tech support (and background info) if needed.