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Green Keeper Africa intervention

Green Keeper Africa is permanently advocating for the acknowledgment of social impact of private companies. We believe that Green employment is a chance for a new economy and a new potential driver of change in remote areas like riparian cities.

Green Keeper Africa was invited at the 2nd edition of the Economic and Digital Francophonie, « Journées de la Francophonie Economique et Numérique (JFEN) »
Paris, September 14th, 2017

Contribution to JFEN Conference :

The belief of the Secretary General, Mrs Michaëlle Jean called for suitable and genuine solutions to improve business environment, support entrepreneurship and promote a better governance.
Invited as a speaker for JFEN 2017 and represented by Dr. Fohla Mouftaou, Green Keeper Africa introduced its solution against an invasive water plant prevalent in Tropical and sub-tropical regions. It is the case in the Republic of Benin and Green Keeper Africa focused on the riparian areas of SO AVA and Aguégués where large-scale infestations negatively impact the nearby communities. These fastest growing plants:
- threaten aquatic ecosystems biodiversity,
- cause higher evapotranspiration rates and de-oxygenation of the water reducing fish stocks,
- block waterways and boat traffic (pirogue or motorboat),
- slow trade in already poor economic areas.

In SO AVA and the Aguégués, Green Keeper Africa had organized local groups for collection and set up a transformation unit where the weed is turned into a sorbent material. Doing so, GKA creates sustainable work opportunities and green jobs. Women constitute 80% of the workforce out of 600 people involved in the business activity today.

Challenges remain ahead for Green Keeper Africa who is committed to address a number of problems being pollution, depletion of water reserves and decent living conditions.

The crises to come (climate, food, energy) call new models of development. And social companies are part of the solution. If we want to see this type of private sector companies be multiplied, their impact should first be regarded by governments in order to create a specific legal status.

The videos of the intervention is visible on the link :