MWM – FIPAG - COLLINS Pilot Project Kick-Off


Intro VIA2
MWM is an innovative company in the Water Management sector that delivers mobile monitoring solutions that increase the data quality of field data collection. MWM desires to offer a low-cost water meter reading solution, which contributes not only to the increase of the metering and billing ratio, but also offers water utilities new insights in their system through different types of data collection and analysis. These insights could lead to considerable cost savings in metering/billing, administration procedures and system maintenance. With the support of their partner in the previous project, COLLINS, MWM will develop a new tailor-made application for FIPAG to tackle multiple aspects of NRW. Also, it might contribute to the empowerment of the sociotechnically less privileged (women).

Project Phase: Kick-Off

After careful preparation, desk studies, meetings, surveys and data analyses, MWM, FIPAG and COLLINS performed their first and official field visit for the kick-off of the pilot project in Matola city in Mozambique.
Three PSAA’s (Fipag small systems) namely: São Damásio, Ndlavela 3 and Nkobe systems were selected for the implementation of the pilot second phase. The three systems deliver water to around 3000 households. At the kick-off meeting with the small systems manager and readers MWM officially introduced the app developed in the previous ViaWater project with Collins to understand the specific requirements from the PSAAs.
The managers and key field workers involved in this project are instructed on how to use the Mobile Meter Reading app on a smartphone to collect accurate water meter readings and generate accurate bills .
It was a great opportunity to closely, see how the managers are willing to collaborative with us in this project, they showed interest in working with us by openly receiving us and sharing information related to their systems.
It was also great to see the motivation and enthusiasm with which these men and women started off. They strongly feel this app can make their work easier and are proud to be the first ones chosen to use smart phones to register water meters consumptions in their reading rounds.

Partners & people

Hamilton Jhonas - IT & Software Developer

Rosmina Francisco - Chief of Contract Management

Douglas Gimo – Psaa’s Management


Fatima Mussá - Project Manager

Jonas Massingue – Field Coodinator and Product Developer

Pedro Cardoso – General Director