Mobi-Water: A Simple Yet Effective Solution.

Such a good feeling when we see our innovation bringing the positive change we hoped it would for the local communities!

Among Our first beneficiaries of the Mobi-water system in Kibera is a water point by the name Better-Life. Located in Kibera’s Laini Saba ward, the members of this community led water point were among the first to believe in us, and our vision and the value our system would have for them.

As many water points in this ward, ‘Better Life’ had a serious problem of water availability because of the rationing, getting their water only once a week. They have public toilets and bathrooms that were provided by UN-HABITAT about 10 YEARS AGO.

This facility serves at least 300 people per day, and up to 800 people on the weekends including children. One of the huge challenges they had was that, the water that is refilled once a week, usually on the weekends (Saturdays), never lasted until their next refill.  They used to run out on by at least Wednesday or Thursday every week, due to wastage and poor management.

This left the community stranded for those days when ‘Better Life’ lacked water, and they had to walk further to look for another toilet or bathroom.

Using our system, ‘Better life’ is now able to monitor how they are using their water. They have a set standard of how many litres of water should be used per day depending on the number of people they serve, and now their water lasts them until the next re-fill.

Mobi-water provides daily routine messages that allow the operator to know how much water is being used, and how much is left! Doing this has created a win-win situation for both the water point as it improves their business, and also for the community because the water at this facility is more consistent!

With every installation, we are increasing water consistency by up to 30%, improving sanitation and improving livelihoods. Water is a basic human right, water is life. Join us and let’s achieve our vison of 1000000 Kenyans by 2020!

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Mobi-Water, a Real-time Water Monitoring Solution. We believe in Data driven Water management.