Mission technical expert Waternet @SOMAGEP


Jos Hooft, Adama, Aboubacar and Dembele discussing non-conformity procedure

Last week the long-awaited Waternet mission took place with Jos Hooft as the technical expert for GeoWaQu, Bas ten Haaf, project leader SOMAGEP and Jan Koedood, advisor from Waternet. It was a very interesting mission that made all the different involved departments enthusiastic about the GeoWaQu project. We started on Wednesday evening, 4th of April with a dinner meeting on how to improve the sampling point locations. During the meeting the cartography department of SOMAGEP was also present next to the lab. We made clear appointments on how to improve the maps so that waternet can advise on exact location points. Next morning we had a meeting with Akvo on the procedure, then we said hello to the CEO of SOMAGEP, then we had a meeting on the non-conformity procedure with people from the lab, distribution and production department, which resulted in a very interesting discussion. After lunch at SOMAGEP's canteen, we met with the head of production to discuss a registration tool Jos developed and visited the treatment plant. The next morning Jos got a tour at the laboratory and then gave a presentation on his findings and plan of action. Those were very busy 2 days, but the mission was definitely a success!